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No other conservation organization has been able to leverage such massive pro bono support on such small budgets, multiplying the value and impact of every dollar we receive.
WildAid is able to channel 100% of donations from the public straight to the field - where these funds are needed the most. This "100% to the field" promise, backed by transparent accounting, helps to distinguish WildAid from other conservation organizations.
There are several ways you can contribute to WildAid, including the following:

 Flag.png Make a US tax-deductible donation here.

 England.png Make a UK tax-deductible donation here.

 Canada.png Make a Canadian tax-deductible donation here

 Envelope.png Donate by mail or phone.  See our Contact page for details.

 Calendar_2.png Set up your donation to recur monthly or weekly.

 Presents.png Make your donation a gift to a friend or loved one.

 Building.png Support WildAid by authorizing automatic payroll deductions.

 Tree_2.png Make your donation in memory or in honor of a loved one.

 Ring_2.png Donate tangible assets such as artwork, antiques, or jewelry.

 Stock.png Give the gift of stocks and receive tax benefits.

 House.png Donate real estate outright or to fund a life income trust or annuity.

 Will.png Bequeath a dollar amount or a portion of your estate to WildAid.