Media Placement Intern


We are seeking a Media Placement Intern for our San Francisco office. Our portfolio of 150-public service announcements cumulatively reaches up to 1 billion people in China every week, and another 500 million people in India every week, via our unrivaled network of media partners.  This position will be responsible for developing our distribution channels in the US across all media (broadcast, radio, print, internet, outdoor, transit, etc).  

Intern will be responsible for:

1) Maintaining an up-to-date inventory of all of our PSAs - in all formats, lengths, and languages.

2) Researching potential media partners in the US and identifying key decision-makers to solicit.

3) Reaching out / following up to US media partners via telephone calls and email.

4) Identifying additional websites and social media networks on which to release our PSAs.

5) Keeping meticulous records of research, contacts, and project status.

6) Liaising with distribution partners to ensure timely delivery of materials in specified formats.

7) Working closely with our Program Assistant, Video Editor, and Communications Manager.

Intern work hours are 10am-4pm Monday through Thursday. Hours within this timeframe are flexible, however a minimum of twelve hours per week is preferred. A stipend is offered. Please send your resume and a cover letter to if you are interested.

Creativity a must - bring new ideas to the table
Excellent writing and communications skills
Research and organizational skills, especially a high proficiency with Excel
Academic of Professional Background in Communications, Advertising, or Media preferred
Interest in international wildlife conservation