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WildAid/AWF Launch Vietnamese Rhino Horn Campaign with Graphic Message

WildAid and the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) are launching their “Say No to Rhino Horn” campaign in Vietnam and China with graphic footage. The public service message, titled “The Sickening Truth,” is currently being shared online only and carries a warning since it contains explicit video of a rhino that was left for dead after her horn and a large portion of her face were brutally hacked off.

BLOG: Shark No Fly Zone

From Peter Knights:

I received an email this morning from a friend, conservationist, and photographer, Alex Hofford of MyOcean, telling me that another airline announced it would no longer carry shark fins as cargo! Alex is based in Hong Kong, the shark fin capital of the world and has been busily getting the word out about disrupting the shark fin supply chain; experiencing quite a few successes this year.

WildAid, Shark Savers Join Forces to Stop Shark Fin Demand

Read the open letter from Shark Savers Executive Director, Michael Skoletsky regarding the merger.

New York Ends Shark Fin Trade

Gov. Cuomo Signs Legislation to Protect Sharks and Oceans

OPINION: In the Ivory War, seizures are necessary but not sufficient

In barely a week, Kenyan officials in the port town of Mombasa seized two shipments of ivory weighing more than 4.5 tons combined (Kenya Seizes More Smuggled Ivory Destined for Malaysia, July 9, Reuters). It is estimated that the ivory is the result of hundreds of poached elephants; some suspected to be over 50 years old based on their tusk size. To put this in perspective, an estimated 25,000 elephants are killed each year for their ivory.