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'Tusimame,' a Call to Action on World Elephant Day

Today is World Elephant Day, a global event dedicated to raising awareness about the crisis these animals face at the hands of poachers and the illegal wildlife trade. 

An estimated 96 elephants die every day for their ivory. That's four elephants every hour.

As WildAid celebrates this annual call to action, we'd like to share a music video project by four talented African artists who are using their celebrity for good: Emmanual Jal, Vanessa Mdee, Juliani and Syssi Managa. 

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Tanzania: Poaching Threatens Tourism Industry Growth

Poaching in Tanzania is threatening to undermine the East African nation’s growing tourism economy, one otherwise poised to add hundreds of thousands of jobs in the coming years. 

Adelham Meru, Tanzania’s Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, warns that poaching could affect as many as 3.8 million tourism jobs across Africa, including guides, drivers, and hotel and restaurant staff. 

All Africa reports: 

Tanzania, like many African nations, has been hard hit by poaching over the past decade. Last year a survey revealed that the country had lost more than half its elephants, with populations declining from 110,000 in 2009 to fewer than 44,000. Tanzania's iconic giraffes, the country's national symbol, have also suffered, as has much of its other wildlife. 

While poachers are profiting from these beloved species, tourism could suffer. Meru said Tanzania has 700,000 tourism-related jobs and predicts that number could double, but only if "the ongoing rampant killings of wildlife" stops. "If the current situation will remain unattended, these jobs would vanish in air," he said[.]

Leading Voice Against Hong Kong Ivory Trade Visits Africa

Hong Kong lawmaker Elizabeth Quat, a leading voice for dismantling one of the world's biggest commercial ivory markets, is currently in Africa to engage in field studies and talks with officials in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. This is Quat’s second visit to Africa in less than a year at the invitation of WildAid and partner conservation groups. On this trip, she recently met with Richard Bonham, head of the conservation group Big Life Foundation founded by photographer Nick Brandt, to discuss the elephant and rhino poaching crisis embroiling the continent.

Upon arriving in Kenya, Quat was informed about the latest brazen poaching incident: On the morning of July 28, a patrol team found the bodies of five poached elephants — a mother and four offspring — in Tsavo West National Park. Two suspects have since been arrested.  

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WildAid Joins US Wildlife Trafficking Alliance

WildAid is proud to be an NGO member of the new United States Wildlife Trafficking Alliance, announced by the White House on Wednesday. 

This partnership has three primary objectives:

  • Raise the public’s awareness of the scope of the wildlife trafficking crisis, including the illegal trade’s devastating impact on 
    elephants, rhinos, tigers and other irreplaceable species, and illegal traffickers’ role in funding global corruption and terrorism;
  • Reduce consumer demand for wildlife and wildlife products (WildAid’s core organizational mission); and
  • Mobilize companies to adopt best practices to insure that their goods and services are not being utilized by illegal wildlife traffickers, and to assist in raising public awareness and reducing demand.

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Obama Calls for Dramatic Reduction in Power Plant Emissions

On Monday, President Obama announced the most ambitious step in US history to address climate change. The Clean Power Plan calls for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from 1,000 US power plants.

Power plants, which make up over one-third of all US carbon pollution, will be required to make a 32% reduction in their emissions by 2030 compared to 2005 levels. In total, this will cut approximately 730 million metric tons of carbon equivalent greenhouse gases, equal to the annual output from 150 million cars, or two-thirds of all US passenger vehicles. 

“Today, after working with states and cities and power companies, the [Environmental Protection Agency] is setting the first ever nationwide standards to end the limitless dumping of carbon by power plants,” President Obama said at a Monday press conference in the East Room of the White House.

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