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Bo Derek and WildAid Featured on News Segment Spotlighting Illegal Wildlife Trade

Washington, April 21: WildAid Board member and Actress Bo Derek, who has been very active in promoting Veteran's Afffairs and horse protection in the US, was appointed U.S. special envoy of the Secretary of State for Wildlife Trafficking Issues in a ceremony at the State Department. Derek said she was honored to accept such a "daunting" role and to do her part to help raise awareness of wildlife issues. WildAid Director Peter Knights also spoke at the ceremony and presented WildAid public service announcements to the gathered audience.

Derek will be working with the Coalition Against Wildlife Trafficking (CAWT) a collaborative effort initiated by the State Department's Assistant Secretary of State Claudia MacMurray between the governments of the United Kingdom, India and the U.S. and leading non government organizations. The Coalition seeks to raise political and public awareness on wildlife trafficking, educate consumers, and strengthen wildlife law enforcement.

New York, May 3rd: Derek and inspectors from US Fish and Wildlife Service (US FWS) from New York's JFK Airport are interviewed in a live-broadcast segment for Fox News Channel "Fox and Friends" with a follow-up piece on May 4th with "Good Day New York". By outlining which wildlife products are illegal to purchase, the news piece is aimed at preventing travelers from inadvertently contributing to illegal wildlife trafficking by purchasing souvenirs that come from protected endangered animals.

In addition, Fox Television network announced that they will be joining CBS and UPN in carrying WildAid's public service announcements on their network. The featured PSAs are an integral part of WildAid's Active Conservation Awareness Program (ACAP) designed to stop the global demand for illegal wildlife parts and products.

If you wish to support WildAid's campaign against the consumption of endangered species please Donate to our ACAP program today.

Educate yourself and others on what NOT to buy when traveling abroad:

1. Do not purchase any item made from endangered species such as:

• elephant ivory (commonly used for jewelry or trinkets);

• sea turtle shell (commonly used for jewelry);

• reptile skin (commonly used for boots, handbags, jackets, etc);

• wild cat skin such as tigers and leopards (commonly used for rugs, handbags, etc);

• rhino horn;

• coral

2. Avoid eating foods that come from endangered or threatened animals like shark fin or turtle soup, tiger meat or bear paws.

3. If you see products from endangered species on sale, inform the relevant authorities.

4. Warn potential buyers of these products that they not only damage our environment, but they risk fines and jail if they are caught.

Partners in the Coalition Against Wildlife Trafficking (CAWT): Republic of India

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

United States of America

American Forest & Paper Association

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Conservation International

Humane Society International

International Fund for Animal Welfare

Save the Tiger Fund

Smithsonian Institution

TRAFFIC International


Wildlife Conservation Society

World Wildlife Fund