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High-End Chinese Media Outlet AirMedia Joins Hands with WildAid

WildAid and Beijing AirMedia Advertising Co., Ltd. launched a press conference today titled, "When We All Come Together, We Can Do Anything". The conference, held for the signing ceremony between the two parties, officially kicked off their committed collaboration on environmental and wildlife protection.

According to statistics, there are at least 15,500 species in the world currently on the verge of extinction. In order to preserve these wildlife resources, especially the endangered species, consumption of them must be reduced in order to keep them sustainable. The protection of endangered species and wildlife in general, is still a huge challenge worldwide.

In April 2006, WildAid and China Wildlife Conservation Association jointly launched the "2005 Survey on Wildlife Consumption as Food in China", which concluded that the number of restaurants selling wildlife food had dropped by 6.6% since 1999, while restaurants with wildlife processing licenses fell by 11.2%. The report also indicated that the more educated a person is, the higher the realization that dwindling wildlife resources directly affects their lives.

WildAid President Steve added, regarding the protection of wildlife, "If the demand for endangered wildlife products continues to exist, it'll be very hard to eliminate the illegal trade. If everyone refuses endangered wildlife products, the smugglers will lose their market and the poachers will vanish. Through the help of over 100 celebrities from different countries, we are able to reach 1 billion consumers worldwide every single week. In this new collaboration with AirMedia, we commit to producing the latest top-quality public service announcements on wildlife protection, in the hope of building a reserve in the heart of every person"

Consumers of wildlife products mainly consist of high-end consumers. In order to discover the best media outlet with which to target this group of people, WildAid President Steve visited China, and AirMedia proved to be "one of the most intriguing discoveries".

Almost all high-end, high-income, high-taste consumers travel by air. As operator of the China aviation TV network, AirMedia manages all the TV programs for over 50 airports and nearly 2000 airplanes operated by ten airline companies, and is the only media network that effectively targets high end consumers in China. AirMedia has now set up a complete operational and management structure for TV program editing, producing, purchasing, advertisement sales, broadcasting and after-sales service, and has been acclaimed as "the leader of specialization, internationalization and high-indication in China's aviation media".

The collaboration between AirMedia and WildAid aims to provide a platform for promoting the concept of environmental and wildlife protection to high-end consumers who may also be potential consumers of wildlife products. AirMedia will provide its own media network to WildAid for broadcasting its teasers without any charge. The combination of quality TV content and a unique media network will effectively encourage the concept of environmental protection and make great strides towards a better, more tolerant world.

Mr. Guo Man, President of AirMedia, says, "AirMedia's service mission is to 'bring pleasure to your journey' As a media outlet targeting the high-end consumer group specifically, our aim is to introduce new luxury products and services to consumers, and we're always committed to providing an even higher level of service. This includes promoting higher values related to the lifestyle and concepts of our target audience. The protection of wildlife is a direct reflection of the human conscience and our civilization. We commit ourselves to the protection of wildlife and call for higher awareness of environmental protection from our audience, striving to achieve a win-win situation between both commonweal and enterprise benefits."