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Kung Fu Magazine hosts Tiger Champion Competion

This year, 2010, is the Year of the Tiger. In honor of this noble creature, we are working to help save wild tigers. Tiger Claw’s 2nd Championship and Shark City Nationals are cooperating with the non-profit Tiger Claw Foundation to bring attention to the plight of the tiger. We are all supporting WildAid, an international non-profit organization. Their mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade within our lifetimes. For the Year of the Tiger, Jackie Chan is a primary spokesperson for WildAid, and he is accompanied by Harrison Ford, Ang Lee, Bo Derek and some 80 other international celebrities.

The WildAid Tiger Champion is a special ‘any style, any form’ division at Tiger Claw’s 2nd Championship and Shark City Nationals. The WildAid Tiger Champion will be awarded a custom trophy, special prizes and a back cover showcase in Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine. All proceeds from this division will be donated to WildAid’s efforts.

We hope you will help tigers survive in the wild. If tiger slaughter continues at the level it is at today, it is very possible that there will be no wild tigers left by the next Year of the Tiger. When the buying stops, the killing can too.

WildAid Tiger Champion Prizes

1st Place: 3-Day Ocean Cruise for Two*

Back Cover showcase in Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine.

Custom Tiger Trophy

2nd Place: Tom Tom ONE 130 S GPS

3rd Place: $100 Gift Certificate for


Watch for more prizes. If you wish to donate a prize, contact Gene Ching of the Tiger Claw Foundation at Donations to Tiger Claw Foundation are tax deductable.

Trip details: Includes shipboard accommodations, on-board meals, activities and entertainment, uses of shipboard health & fitness facilities. Recipients are responsible for such incidentals as drinks, shore tours and spa treatments. Valid for 15 months. Fully upgradeable by winner. Leaves from Los Angeles or Miami. Approx. retail value: $520. Cruise purchased through Debbie Vallejos,