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MyConservationPark Links Facebook Game With Real World Conservation

WildAid is excited to announce their participation in MyConservationPark’s virtual Tiger Park.

In MyConservationPark, described by as a “Facebook game that’s actually good for something,” players must create and sustain a hospitable habitat for tigers while protecting this endangered species from human and environmental threats like poaching, habitat loss and population fragmentation. To enrich and protect their tiger’s habitat, players can purchase everything from a park ranger to an Italian Cypress tree, with 15% of in-game purchases going directly to WildAid’s Tiger Trade campaign.

Peter Knights, Executive Director of WildAid, says “With the drastic decline in tiger populations over the past century, it has become imperative that we reverse this trend by reducing demand for products derived from these magnificent creatures. With MyConservationPark, Good World Games effectively bridges the gap between virtual and real-world conservation and we are proud to partner with them on this endeavor.”

Gregory Sukornyk, CEO of Good World Games, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with WildAid, an organization that has been highly effective at changing consumer habits through compelling public awareness campaigns on key endangered species. They have done wonders in raising awareness for the plight of tigers in the wild and in pushing for the end of the illegal trade in tiger parts."

Start your own virtual tiger park here.