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Protesters Target Hong Kong Restaurants Serving Shark Fin

With recent reports showing that a vast majority of Hong Kong restaurants continue to serve shark fin soup — often with no shark fin alternatives on the menu — protestors led by Hong Kong Shark Foundation and WildAid Hong Kong have stepped up efforts to expose the truth behind the delicacy. 

Via South China Morning Post:

Shark fin protesters dropped in on unsuspecting lunchtime diners in North Point to parade the message of Photo courtesy South China Morning postconservation ahead of the Lunar New Year.

Wildlife activists from the Hong Kong Shark Foundation and WildAid targeted a branch of Foo Lum Palace, whose 15 outlets across Hong Kong continue to serve shark’s fin soup, which is a popular delicacy during the extended holiday when families gather to celebrate.

The group of 10, mostly clad in shark costumes, held banners warning that sharks faced the threat of extinction if fins were not removed from menus.

Diners looked on, and some took photos, as restaurant managers confronted the group and arguments were traded over the right to conduct a protest.

One unnamed manager of the restaurant said the foundation and WildAid was getting in the way of his business and disturbing diners. This led to some face-to-face confrontations and more raucous arguments with protesters. (Read the full article here.) 

Friday's protest follows an earlier demonstration by WildAid and Hong Kong Shark Foundation last week, as shown in the video below.