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Say No To Ivory and Rhino Horn Chinese Cell Phone Users Told

WildAid applauds China’s proactive approach to conservation

RoamingPSA_0_0.jpgAs visitors from China touchdown in Kenya, and other countries, and turn on their cell phones, they receive a message from their local embassy requesting that they do not buy ivory or rhino horn during their stay (image attached). Embassy Counsellor, Cao Xiaolin, announced the SMS campaign earlier this month.

“I visited Kenya with former NBA star Yao Ming only days after Mr. Cao’s announcement and upon touching down he received the following message via SMS,” said Peter Knights, WildAid Executive Director.

TRANSLATED: “The State Department wishes you safe travels. Please follow Kenyan law, do not carry illegal ivory, rhino horn, or any other wildlife products. Please do not feed or disturb wildlife. Respect local customs and remain polite and friendly. Please be aware of your surroundings, do not travel alone at night. Cars drive on the right hand side. Chinese consulate in Kenya phone number: 00254719235543.

“National Forestry Warning: Please do not poach, take, or use wildlife or plants to sell, carry, or mail. Pay close attention to ivory, rhino horn and other products derived from endangered animals.”

“This puts the issue front and center for those travelers who may be offered these products.” Knights added. “We applaud Mr. Cao and the Chinese Government for this pro active stance to preserve endangered wildlife.”