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Shah Rukh Champions the Cause of India’s Unsung Heroes - the Forest Guards

Forest guards risk their lives everyday, and many are seriously injured or die in the line of duty across India each year. Shah Rukh highlights the challenges faced by forest guards in protecting India's wildlife and forests, in an exclusive ACAP public service message.

"We can't be like him, but if we come together and stop buying products from endangered species, we can help him. When we all come together, we can do anything."- Shah Rukh Khan

This awareness campaign will run across India, and is supported by television channels including Doordarshan; the Airports Authority of India (AAI); the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Parliamentarians. Through these supporters, Shah Rukh's message will be screened across TV channels in India to reach over 400 million viewers; and telecast at all international and domestic airports.

The Honorable President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in a message, has said, "India's wildlife and natural environment is the pride of our great Nation - it sustains our people, enriches our lives and lends benefits to all the peoples of the world. To cherish and protect this magnificent heritage is a privilege and duty that all the citizens ought to undertake responsibly for the benefit of posterity." "The momentum of this powerful and unique campaign would greatly complement India's ongoing efforts to save its remaining wildlife and its threatened habitats." - Aneetaa (Tykee) Malhotra, Managing Trustee, Sanskara Development Trust & Senior Consultant, ACAP/WildAid

"With continuous and sustained support from the Indian celebrities, and working in collaboration with the Indian Government, associations such as the AAI, media, businesses, conservationists and the public, ACAP in collaboration with Sanskara is building long term support for India's as well as the world's wildlife and natural heritage." - Steve Trent, Director of ACAP and founding Director of WildAid.