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Support Kenya: Watch The Ivory Burn Live on April 30

On Saturday, April 30, Kenya Wildlife Service will host the largest ivory burn in history — a bold statement against elephant poaching, and one we hope will mark the beginning of the end for the global ivory trade, which kills an estimated 33,000 elephants every year.

WildAid will be bringing these historic events to a worldwide audience through social media, and we invite you to watch it live.

Our coverage of the event will be carried live via Twitter on Saturday at 3pm in Nairobi (8am in New York), with highlights posted throughout the weekend. In China, WildAid’s Beijing-based team will also be hosting a live mobile stream of The Ivory Burn, as well as projecting a message of support to Kenya onto one of the largest video screens in the world, located in Shanghai’s Bund district.

The Ivory Burn coincides with the inaugural Giant’s Club Summit, a unique gathering of African heads of state, philanthropists and corporate leaders, founded by the Kenyan-based elephant conservation group Space for Giants, whose patron is Evgeny Lebedev, owner of The Evening Standard and Independent.  

In just a short period of time, we’ve seen tremendous progress against the ivory trade. Last fall, President Barack Obama and President Xi Jinping agreed to take important steps towards banning the ivory trade in United States and China. Chinese public awareness of the crisis has rapidly grown, with an overwhelmingly majority of citizens supporting efforts to eradicate the ivory market. And Hong Kong’s government has gone from staunch support for ivory traders to considering a ban of its own. 

But we still have a long way to go. WildAid proudly supports The Giants Club Summit and Kenya Wildlife Service’s Ivory Burn, and we invite you to join this global community in support of elephants. To find out more about the ivory trade and how you can help, visit We also encourage you to follow @KWSKenya and @GiantsClub for updates. 

About #JoinTheHerd at Launched on Chinese New Year, the #JoinTheHerd campaign has already achieved more than 400m global media impressions, 2.2m interactions on Twitter and Instagram and has gathered a herd of millions including Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeneres, Arianna Huffington, Lupita Nyong’o, Sir Richard Branson, Lang Lang, Jackie Chan, and Yoko. Crucially, the film accompanying the launch has been viewed 37m times in China, the biggest market for ivory.