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Two More Municipalities Ban Shark Fin in Canada

WildAid Canada welcomes the news that London and Pickering, Ontario are the latest municipalities to act on banning the sale and possession of shark fin.

Last night, London Council voted unanimously to call for a ban on shark fin products. At the same time, Pickering Council passed a ban into law by a margin of 5 to 1.

“The action by London and Pickering is the latest positive step in the growing campaign to end this unsustainable trade,” said Rob Sinclair, Executive Director of WildAid Canada. “This is yet another example of Canadian municipalities taking action to counter this global threat.”

Shark fin soup is a key reason why one-third of the world’s shark species are now threatened with extinction. Up to 73 million sharks are slaughtered every year to make shark fin soup and related food products.

While the practice of shark finning is illegal in Canada and the U.S., current federal laws banning shark finning do not address the issue of the shark fin trade. Therefore, fins are being imported to North America from countries with few or no shark protections in place. Bans on shark fin products have passed recently in California, Hawaii, Oregon and the state of Washington and in the Ontario cities of Toronto, Mississauga and Brantford.