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WildAid and Tencent Announce Strategic Partnership to Promote Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Protection

International conservation organization, WildAid and leading Chinese internet company, Tencent, today announced the formal signing of a strategic partnership agreement to promote wildlife conservation and environmental protection.

The partnership has been created in recognition of the mounting threats facing the natural world and the recognition of the need for businesses to play a leading role in conservation and environmental protection. "At least 27,000 species are made extinct each year, many before science has been able to document or name them, that is 74 each day and 3 every hours" said WildAid's President, Steve Trent. Continuing, "many of these species like tiger or shark have few if any natural predators – except human beings, and with the advancement of technologies and growing demand for luxuries we have become super-predators making unsustainable demands on our planet and its wildlife, such that we are now undermining the natural life-support systems which we all ultimately depend upon for survival. And this is why the engagement of leading companies like Tencent is so important, as they can help reduce unsustainable consumption and bring about effect conservation of our shared natural resources. Central to effective action is the understanding and awareness of consumers about what is happening and what needs to be done to prevent extinctions and environmental crises."

The partnership will begin with Tencent creating a new Chinese website ( delivering high caliber information about wildlife and conservation and providing a link to Tencent's welfare channel to build up a platform for recruiting volunteers and fundraising initiatives that will raise support for wildlife conservation. This platform will initiate a large-scale commitment from volunteers who will "vow to protect environment". Volunteers will be granted with a unique online sign and be given the opportunity to take part in wildlife protection work. The on-going WildAid and Tencent campaign will actively seek to build awareness, understanding and action for conservation in China.

"By bringing China's leading celebrities, along with stars of sport and entertainment internationally into a collaboration with Tencent we will be able to deliver high-impact campaigns to raise awareness and change attitudes" said Trent. "The link up with Tencent is incredibly important to us, as the No.1 Chinese website portal with the most page views as well as being one of the largest Internet service providers it will enable us to deliver our messages to a huge audience and without costs, maximizing both impact and efficiency. I am extremely proud and pleased to be working with such a dynamic leader in the business community".

"This way of focusing on individual participation and securing contribution from everyone will help our whole community work together for a better future." Mr. Xie Yuefeng, a representative from Tencent said about the collaboration with WildAid. Continuing, "Tencent has been always committed to public welfare causes. Chinese netizens have great passion and initiative on social causes like disaster relief, environment protection and public welfare. The network community provided by Tencent which has direct links with its users has been working as a unique platform enabling them to show their passion and initiative. The tremendous social influence of this platform has been witnessed through the relief work in Sichuan. During the "relief and rescue, unite as one" quake relief work, Tencent has donated RMB 20 million to the quake hit regions, and donations made by Tencent staff and net users have also reached more than RMB 20 million and the number is still adding up.

To begin the partnership the first donation of 1 million RMB from Tencent Foundation to China Environmental Protection Foundation will be allocated as special fund for the first project of restoring and rebuilding the Sichuan Wolong Giant Panda Base, badly affected by the earthquake. Tencent and WildAid, in collaboration with the government, will start the relief work on the giant pandas in the disaster area. The fund raised by the auction of the first batch of goods, including the basketballs signed by Yao Ming which are given by the WildAid to support the relief work on giant panda Reserve.

The collaboration with WildAid, will call upon the public to take three active measures and commit to: 'I know, I vow and I act', participating in public welfare and environmental protection schemes.

Notes for Editors:

In 2006, Tencent established the first public welfare foundation in Chinese network industry – Tencent Foundation and also created its public welfare website.

WildAid is an international non-profitable organization engaged in endangered wildlife protection. Many entertainment and sports celebrities including Jackie Chan, Yao Ming, Lee Ang and Zhang Ziyi are WildAid Ambassadors on the protection of tigers, pandas and sharks etc. In 2004, this organization established an office in Beijing to expand the awareness of wildlife protection in China, to strengthen communications with media, government, corporate organizations and academia. With the help of celebrity public service announcement, WildAid call upon individuals and social institutions for more active involvement in wildlife protection. In 2007, Steve Trent, founder of WildAid, was nominated for the 2007 People of Green China, the only candidate from an overseas NGO.