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WildAid Applauds Appointment of Kent to Environment Post

WildAid Canada commends Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the appointment of former broadcaster Peter Kent to the federal Environment portfolio.

"Minister Kent is extremely forward-thinking and we look forward to working with him closely in his new role," said Rob Sinclair, Executive Director, WildAid Canada. "We hope that ending the illegal wildlife trade here in Canada will be one of his top priorities."

WildAid estimates the illegal wildlife trade in Canada is now worth up to $100 million. This includes native wildlife, poached here in Canada, such as bears killed for their gall bladders; and wildlife smuggled illegally into Canada, either as live animals used in the exotic pet trade, or parts of wild animals like elephant, rhinoceros and tiger.

WildAid Canada is active in both national and international efforts to combat wildlife trade. In Canada, WildAid Canada is fighting for strengthened efforts against poaching and the shark fin trade. Internationally, WildAid Canada is working in cooperation with projects in China, Indonesia and the Galapagos Islands.


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