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Wildaid's Marine Program Raises $100,000

Thanks to your donations, WildAid can protect more endangered sea turtles in Ecuador.

We are so grateful to everyone who donated for our World Oceans Day challenge! WildAid raised a total of $100,000 to support our marine program in Ecuador and endangered sea turtles thanks to a generous matching gift! All proceeds will support marine protection in Ecuador and its endangered marine species.

Ecuador is home to four sea turtle species.

Last year, with the support of Conservation International, we helped establish regular patrols at six MPAs along coastal Ecuador and installed surveillance technology to prevent illegal fishing that threatens sharks, mantas and humpback whales; protected 15,000 sea turtle hatchlings as they made their way to the sea and worked with artisanal fishers to encourage sustainable fishing practices.

Thanks to your contributions, we can continue protecting endangered species and critical marine habitat in Ecuador. Learn more about our marine program.