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Chinese Celebrities Urge Public to Adopt Low-carbon Transportation for World Car Free Week

Today, in celebration of World Car Free Week, WildAid released the latest PSA series from its GOblue campaign to promote low-carbon transportation across China. 

The series of TV and billboard ads feature Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat and actor Zhang Binbin advocating for low-carbon transportation, including bicycling, to combat air pollution and climate change. The PSAs and billboards will appear on television, online and in subway stations, airports and public spaces across China beginning this week. 

The new GOblue campaign encourages low-carbon transportation in everyday life. In this ad, Dilraba Dilmurat and Zhang Binbin are representative of the vibrant young people across the country that run, use bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and more to shop, work and play. Instead of being stuck in traffic, the celebrities are immersed in the urban landscape allowing them to savor the surprises of the city and embody the campaign slogan, "car free is care free."

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Thais go #IvoryFree with WildAid and USAID

Celebrities, business leaders, politicians, sports stars and other influential Thais nationwide are joining the #IvoryFree campaign, a social media movement and pledge to never buy, use or give ivory as gifts. 

More than 100 Thai celebrities and some of the country's most influential personalities have joined WildAid and USAID Wildlife Asia's joint campaign, called "I am #IvoryFree," to deter the purchase of ivory in Thailand.

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WildAid and CHANGE launch Ivory Free Campaign in Vietnam

High level representatives from Vietnamese government agencies and foreign consulates joined WildAid and CHANGE in Ho Chi Minh City to support the global effort to save elephants from poaching and the illegal wildlife trade. WildAid ambassadors Pham Huong, Le Hang, and Trac Thuy Mieu also participated in the campaign launch along with partner organizations and others. 

Revered in Vietnam's culture, elephants are protected by the government, and trade in ivory is prohibited. However, for the past few years, large shipments of ivory have been illegally trafficked though Vietnam. The Ivory Free Vietnam campaign aims to highlight the ivory poaching crisis decimating elephant populations in Africa, encourage people not to buy ivory, and help the government further strengthen its enforcement of illegal ivory shipments passing through to other markets.

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African rangers support Hong Kong ivory ban

A Kenyan ranger was among those who addressed Hong Kong's Legislative Council (LegCo) last week urging lawmakers to support a ban on ivory sales in the city.

Chinese Vessel Crew Detained in Galapagos Marine Reserve Sentenced For Transport and Possession of Endangered Sharks

A crew member from the Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999 (Reuters)

August 30 2017 – On Monday an Ecuadorian judge sentenced the crew of a Chinese ship to prison terms ranging from 1-4 years for possession and transport of protected species within the Galapagos Marine Reserve. In addition, the crew of the vessel was fined US$5.9 million as reparation for the damages to the marine ecosystem. The vessel was confiscated and, if sold, proceeds will benefit the Galapagos National Park. The cargo vessel was caught earlier this month illegally transiting through the Galapagos Marine Reserve with a hull filled with 6,623 sharks, including juvenile hammerhead and silky sharks.

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