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Galapagos National Park Prevents Overfishing in Game of Cat and Mouse

WildAid applauds GNP’s proactive approach to conservation

“I’m FINished with Fins” Shark Campaign Launches in Mainland China

WildAid applauds government on cutting demand following media campaign and shark fin soup ban

The Duke of Cambridge, David Beckham, and Yao Ming Team Up for Rhinos and Elephants

HRH and sports icons ask consumers to say no to rhino horn and ivory

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Edward Norton Joins the Fight Against Ivory Demand

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International film star and renowned conservationist Edward Norton filmed two public service announcements on the illegal ivory trade in New York City yesterday. The messages will be part of the “Say No To Ivory” campaign launched earlier this year by WildAid and Save the Elephants.  

WildAid/AWF Launch Vietnamese Rhino Horn Campaign with Graphic Message

WildAid and the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) are launching their “Say No to Rhino Horn” campaign in Vietnam and China with graphic footage. The public service message, titled “The Sickening Truth,” is currently being shared online only and carries a warning since it contains explicit video of a rhino that was left for dead after her horn and a large portion of her face were brutally hacked off.