Pledge About

Federico Angermeyer

Federico Angermeyer, known as Fiddi, was born in Ecuador's Galapagos Islands to parents who immigrated from Germany in the mid-1930s. He grew up fishing and assisting with the family yacht chartering and tour business. As a young man, Fiddi attended university in Los Angeles where he lived with ocean explorer Sylvia Earle.

At the age of 21, he began captaining boats, which have included the Charles Darwin research vessel Beagle III, the tall ship Mary Anne that he sailed across the Atlantic in 2005, and the recently renamed WildAid's Passion. Mary Anne and WildAid's Passion remain owned and operated by Fiddi, and are used for eco-tours of the Galapagos.

Fiddi's parents taught him to respect wildlife and to protect the ocean from threats like plastic pollution. He is passionate about the planet and believes strongly in giving back by creating awareness for conservation. A portion of proceeds from Galapagos expeditions on WildAid's Passion contribute to the organization's marine protection program in the islands.