Pledge About

Johan Ernst Nilson

Johan Ernst Nilson is a Swedish explorer, photographer, philanthropist and tv producer.

Johan started his career in the early 90s with research expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic to document wildlife and and climate change for Discovery Channel.

He has continued to document wildlife and nature for over 20 years and has today explored 162 countries on seven continents. He is called “Adventure Activist” for his way of connecting adventures with research and charity.

In 2016 alone, Johan raised 4,7 M USD to charity projects in wildlife, nature, glaciers and aids research.


Johan has helped disabled kids in wheelchairs up mountains, organised cleaning expeditions on Mt Everest and worked with Orang Utans in Borneo.

After climbing the peak on all seven continents and doing expeditions to North Pole, South Pole and the jungles of Borneo, Papua and Amazon, Johan is now only working with projects that will benefit wildlife and our nature.

In 2015 Johan hiked 5500 km across Serengeti to track down poachers and destroy traps. The same year Johan spent 100 days at 15,000 feet in Himalaya to build up villages after the earthquake.

In 2016 Johan drove 16,000 km across Africa with 5000 eyeglasses to hand out to children in need and then stopped by Kilimanjaro to arrange the worlds highest live streamed rock concert at 18,600 feet. The song, that Johan co-produced, is about poaching and all profit from the song will support his friend Leonardo Dicaprio’s charity LDF.  


Johan’s motto is; “Everything is possible, the impossible just takes more time”.