Pledge About

Jonathan Conrad

Jonathan M. Conrad is the Chairman, CEO and founder of AdmieMobile LLC an early stage company.  He is the co-inventor of AdmieMobile’s peer-to-peer software that will cross multiple platforms in the mobile and desktop space without storing data in a cloud.  His experience in senior management positions has been with organizations ranging from a multi-billion-dollar bank to a mid-size public company and includes venture capital and financial advisory assignments. He was instrumental in the creation of the federal legislation enabling broad-based use of Employee Stock Ownership Plans.

During the Reagan Administration, he was appointed to the Commercial Space Advisory Committee of the US Department of Transportation, created by executive order of the President.  He served as a Senior Advisor to the original X PRIZE for space travel. He is currently a member of the "Harvard North Pole Discovery Centennial Commemorative Committee" to honor Robert Peary and Matthew Henson as well as to advance the knowledge of school children throughout the US of their historic accomplishment for being the first to reach the North Pole in 1909.  He has chaired and led the discussions for a series of “green dinners” held at The Explorers Club on the impact certain food groups on health, climate change and wildlife.    He is a Medalist of The Explorers Club as will as a former Director and Officer. He is a graduate and Trustee of Washington and Jefferson College, and resides in New York.