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In Memoriam: Rob Stewart

In Memoriam: Rob Stewart, born in Toronto, Canada, was an award-winning wildlife photographer and the director of Sharkwater. Stewart began photographing underwater when he was 13, became a certified scuba instructor trainer at age 18, and held a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Western Ontario.

Rob was a tireless and enthusiastic ocean champion, who spent his life inspiring people to love and respect sharks rather than fear them. His award-winning feature documentary “Sharkwater” introduced many around the world to the threats to the ocean’s sharks celebrating both the beauty of these animals and their savage exploitation by humans. His work underwater and on land has appeared in nearly every media form worldwide, from BBC Wildlife, Asian Diver, Outpost and GEO magazines to the Discovery Channels, ABC, BBC, night clubs and feature films. 

Rob worked closely with WildAid to promote legislation to end shark finning and in producing a Chinese version of “Sharkwater” as part of our shark fin demand reduction campaign there. He also was instrumental in recruiting Sir Richard Branson as a vocal shark advocate.