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In Memoriam: Tod Bensen

In Memoriam: WildAid Mourns Loss of Former Board Chair Tod Bensen

Tod Bensen is a venture capitalist who has spent most of his adult life in London, England and now lives in Woodside, California. After graduating from Dartmouth College he worked on Wall Street for two years before moving to the UK where he worked at Cazenove & Co., the UK's leading investment bank, for 20 years. After building the company's Equity Capital Markets practice, where he led hundreds of IPOs for companies around the world, he set up Cazenove Private Equity. As founder and CEO of this $450 million fund, he built one of Europe's leading venture capital businesses.

In 2007 Tod handed over the management of this business and took a sabbatical where he returned to the US and focused on various ocean conservation projects. During this time he became aware of WildAid and was influenced by the similarities between the organization's management talent, ambition, and achievements and those of the world's best venture capital backed companies. After working with WildAid on various projects, Tod joined the board as Chairman from 2008 until 2013 and continues to be an active member of the organization.