Pledge About

Victoria Stewman Fitzpatrick

Victoria grew up in the family cattle ranching business in west Texas, where rescuing, raising and releasing all types of animals was a way of life. After college, she lived in Dallas for over 20 years and worked in the medical billing industry and in aviation sales.

In 2016, Victoria married her husband Michael at their home in Pebble Beach. While Michael is in the middle of his 5th start-up company, she enjoys investing in start-up companies with focus on oil & gas and early stage technology, as well as working with their Fitzpatrick Foundation, which has a primary emphasis on education for disadvantaged youth.

She has had the opportunity to travel extensively around the world, including trips with animals and mammals, which mean so much to her. Other passions include tennis, snow-skiing, thrill-seeking, and occasionally dabbling in golf.

Throughout her life, Victoria has never lost her aspiration for the protection of animals. Her research on WildAid's mission and success was so impressive that she agreed to join them in the fight to help stop the illegal trade of wildlife by accepting a position on the WildAid Board.