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Approximately 2/3 of the world's polar bears live in Canada, divided into 13 subpopulations. The loss of Arctic ice is the main threat to Canada's southernmost populations of polar bears, disappearing at a rate of 10% per decade since 1979 according to satellite images.

The polar bear is afforded surprisingly limited protection by the Canadian government.   Join us in calling on the federal government to "uplist" the polar bear and require increased protection, especially to some of the most vulnerable southern populations: the Hudson Bay population and the Baffin Island population.

On a provincial level, we are also pushing for increased protection: to devote resources to studying these majestic creatures in the wild and to create a framework for the government to provide dietary supplements, modify habitat, and translocate bears when necessary.

By signing this Polar Bear Pledge, you are joining us in calling upon Canadian government, on both the Federal and Provincial level, to increase protection for the country's southern populations of Polar bears.