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These groups are stopping the sixth extinction -- and they need your help


By John D. Sutter
Monday, January 9, 2017

(CNN)The audience response to CNN's "Vanishing" series has been overwhelming.

The project on mass extinction showed that three quarters of all species could disappear in the next couple centuries if we humans don't drastically change our relationship with nature.
"I have read your Vanishing page on CNN. I was so surprised about what is happening in the world," a 13-year-old wrote in an email to me. "I am shook and devastated. I knew that some animals were going extinct but not three quarters of all animals. I was wondering if you know any opportunities for teenagers or young adults to work or help stop the sixth mass extinction. Also, are there any ways I could help spread the word about this to the country or even to the world?"
In response to that young person, and to many other messages like that, below you'll find a list of CNN-vetted groups that are working to solve the mass extinction crisis.
They could use your donations and time.
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