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A stunning archipelago located in the western Pacific, The Republic of Palau is home to one of the world's great marine ecosystems, including over 1,300 reef fish species and over 400 species of coral. 

Palau's Northern Reef Project is home to some of the nation's most productive fishing grounds and encompasses a total of 3,930 Km2 of territorial waters pertaining to the states of Kayangel and Ngarchelong. Its waters include important habitats of coral reef systems, barrier reef, patch reefs, sea grass, nesting beaches, unique atoll forests; and offer spawning and aggregation sites for nationally protected fish species and breeding areas for seabirds among other species. Given the decline in fisheries, both states have recently established marine law enforcement programs to reverse trends and protect their near shore territorial waters (12NM). 

In 2014, WildAid designed a comprehensive enforcement system for the Northern Reef with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and The David and Lucile Packard Foundation. We also built a crucial radio network in collboration with TNC and Coral Reef Care. 

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