Legendary British photographer David Yarrow has released his first photographic monograph in three years, featuring 150  famous and iconic works. The stunning collection, which includes a forward by global NFL star Tom Brady and an afterword written by American cultural icon Cindy Crawford, offers an unmatched view of some of the world’s most compelling animals as well as mesmerizing story-telling. 

Yarrow and Brady both plan to donate all of the royalties from this book and its supporting charity events to conservation efforts around the globe, namely WildAid in the United States and Tusk in the United Kingdom. In 2018 alone, the sales of Yarrow’s prints have contributed over $2.7 million to conservation NGOs, children’s education in Africa, and various medical research charities around the world. 

“Yarrow’s photographs beautifully portray the natural world, illustrating both its power and fragility,” said WildAid CEO Peter Knights. “We’re extremely honored to be included in Yarrow’s charitable giving. Royalties will support WildAid’s campaigns to reduce global consumption of wildlife products and mobilize public and political will for conservation efforts.” 

Yarrow offers a balanced retrospective of his spectacular work in the wild and his staged storytelling work, which has earned him wide acclaim in the fine-art market, with his most recent record-setting sale at Sotheby’s in April 2019, in which Africa sold for $106,000—putting him in a category with Ansel Adams and Irving Penn.  The sale of The Wolf of Main Street, also record breaking, has Yarrow in the company of Robert Mapplethorpe and Helmut Newton.

“I am not a wildlife photographer; I am a photographer,” said Yarrow. “I may not accept wedding assignments and have no appetite for documenting flower or food arrangements, but in the main, I am subject agnostic with just one caveat—the subject must interest me or challenge me. I want this book to showcase the breadth and magnificence of life on our planet by taking readers on an evocative and immersive journey that is distinctive.”

You can support WildAid by purchasing Yarrow’s monograph today. As a token of Yarrow’s appreciation, use the code WildAid20 to receive a discount and a signed copy of the book.

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