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WildAid Live: COVID-19 Updates & Protecting Marine Reserves

Learn about WildAid’s latest efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of wildlife consumption and its connection to COVID-19 (1:00), as Hong Hoang, executive director of WildAid’s Vietnam partner CHANGE (4:10), and Maz Robertson from WildAid Uganda (13:04) reveal how they are navigating this important issue during these challenging times.

Followed by a deep dive into WildAid’s ambitious goals for marine protection (30:47). We are joined by our marine program director Meaghan Brosnan, and WildAid international board member Bo Derek (34:26) as we discuss some of today’s most critical marine conservation issues and the heroic rangers leading the change.

Features a sneak peek of Djimon Hounsou’s A Pangolin Tale, Part Two.

COVID-19’s Impact on Poaching & Reducing Shark Fin Demand

Hear the latest news regarding COVID-19’s connection to the wildlife trade from those on the ground, including Steve Blake from WildAid China on China’s approach to curb wildlife trade and Richard Vigne from Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya on the impact of COVID-10 on frontline conservation. Next, we will take a deep dive into WildAid’s successful shark campaigns over the years. We will be joined by filmmaker and marine conservationist Shawn Heinrichs and WildAid ambassador and actress Maggie Q as we discuss the future of shark fin demand reduction. Lastly, watch Djimon Hounsou’s A Pangolin Tale part one.

Protecting Pangolins and Ending Wildlife Consumption

Author Amy Tan moderates a conversation with WildAid CEO Peter Knights and WildAid Chief Program Officer John Baker about COVID-19. We discuss our campaign to shut down commercial wildlife consumption, China’s new protections for pangolins, and what we can expect in the future for the world’s most trafficked wild mammal.

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