Expeditions- Africa

Discover Africa with WildAid: Bespoke journeys with Peter and Corie Knights to visit our partner programs.

Travel to Kenya and visit five partner programs of WildAid. While traveling, you will have hands on learning experiences, up close encounters with animals, safaris in the morning and evening and will travel by private charter to luxury lodges, including a lodge voted as “best resort of the year” by Forbes. The trip also features two nights in an upscale bush camp, excellent food, hot air balloon rides, visiting with the last two remaining northern white rhinos, a visit to an elephant orphanage and other extraordinary wildlife experiences. A portion of each trip’s proceeds will directly support WildAid’s work.

For more information: Please email Corie at corie@wildaid.org.

Upcoming trips:
Africa 2020

Past Trips:
Africa 2018- Kenya

Africa 2019 (June 19-30)




Previous Testimonials:

“Our Kenya outing with Peter and Corie was easily the most rewarding of any of the several safaris we have enjoyed. The game viewing was exceptional, the accommodations and food were top notch, and the overall planning was without a flaw. But, beyond the sweet sensual experience of exploring the plains and valleys of Kenya, and of course the magnificent wildlife, was the unique intellectual content we found in each day. Along the way we conversed and traveled with exceptional guides, with game reserve executives, with local conservationists, with dedicated veterinarians on-site, with wildlife orphanages, with anti-poaching law enforcement, and with other WildAid partners. We came away with a greatly expanded understanding of the financial, cultural, political, technological, and purely practical issues around protecting African wildlife. And in the process we were inspired anew by WildAid’s critical role in this imperative.” –Stewart Smith, Kenya 2019

“Our time in Kenya with WildAid was truly transformative. The experience of seeing both the wildlife and interacting with the communities impacted by the work that Corie and Peter do will stay with us forever. We fell in love with Kenya and are so grateful to WildAid.” – Camille Bently, Kenya 2018

“Traveling to Africa is much more than a “bucket list” experience, it is an opportunity to see life in the rawest form up close, to see creatures large and small in their habitat, to observe their triumphs and losses and truly understand the struggle they face to survive. Traveling to Africa with WildAid takes the experience to a level that is difficult to describe and that is magical and life-altering. Communing, up close, with species that are so threatened they may not see the next generation is powerful. Meeting the conservationists, veterinarians and rangers that invest their lives in protecting them and understanding their commitment to saving them is humbling. It reminds us all how important this work is. This is the unique experience that traveling to Africa with Peter and Corie provides and that can’t be replicated without them.” – Meredith Eggers, Kenya 2018


Past Trip Highlights:
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Class Magazine- Fall 2018