WildAid Live: What’s At Stake Today—And What’s Possible Tomorrow
Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Today, 80% of wild species are threatened by poaching, overfishing, habitat loss, and climate change. In this informative and inspiring virtual event, learn what WildAid is doing to help protect wildlife, marine areas, and key habitats worldwide with scalable, collaborative, and cost-effective solutions. From China’s tigers to the wonders of Gabon to the world-renowned Galapagos National Park and more, WildAid is changing the world for the better. Join us as we discuss what’s at stake today—and what’s possible tomorrow.

WildAid Live: Restarting Conservation Tourism to Protect African Wildlife
Thursday, June 17, 2021 11 am PT/8 pm CAT

WildAid’s CEO, Peter Knights and Wilderness Safaris’ CEO, Keith Vincent, and Impact Manager, Dr. Neil Midlane discussed the importance of returning sustainable tourism to Africa. They were joined by an on-the-ground guide and an advocate who conveyed what you can do to impact their critical work to protect wildlife. Watch now to learn about conservation and what traveling to Africa looks like today.

COVID-19 Updates & Reducing the WildAid Live: Demand for Ivory
Wednesday, September 9, 2020 12 pm PT/3 pm ET 

Hear the latest updates about COVID-19 and the wildlife trade from those fighting on the front lines. Writer, journalist and investigator, Julian Rademeyer joins us from South Africa to talk about the latest news on rhino poaching. We’ll take a deep dive into WildAid’s Ivory Demand Reduction Campaign that’s helped to slash ivory prices. Then, learn more about current elephant conservation efforts from one of WildAid’s on-the-ground partners, Save the Elephants’ Head of Field Operations, David Daballen.  Finally, watch part four of Djimon Hounsou’s A Pangolin Tale from the bushmeat markets of Nigeria.