Poaching steals from us all

As demand for wildlife products declines in Asia, WildAid has begun assisting wildlife range countries to boost their protection efforts. Political will and local public support is vital to battle the corruption, weak laws, and lack of enforcement that enables poaching and illegal wildlife trade. We have engaged our model to involve local residents not just around the parks, but also in cities.

  • -60%
    Tanzania lost 60% of its elephants to ivory poachers between 2009 and 2014.
  • 72%
    When polled, 72% of South Africans thought that their government could be doing more to stop poaching.
  • 80%
    Of 2,300 Ugandans surveyed in 2017, 80% consider wildlife to be an important source of income for the country.

Making an impact

Very few Africans have visited their amazing national parks, and when they do, the experience can be transformational. Our campaign seeks to make conservation a matter of pride and aspiration for everyone in Africa. Additionally, we work with lawmakers, officials, business executives, religious leaders and celebrities to build broader support for wildlife conservation, anti-poaching efforts, and prosecutions of middlemen and smugglers higher up the trade chain. We are active in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa.