The cover of WildAid's 2022-2023 impact report. There is a collage of various WildAid programs on the right. On the left is WildAid's logo and text reading "inspiring change"

This Impact Report covers a remarkable period of evolution and acceleration for WildAid, in which we have delivered outsized impact with an unprecedented return on investment, proving once again that we are like no other conservation organization.

We implemented a bold new strategic plan and expanded our mission, building on WildAid’s historic success in inspiring behavior change at scale to protect wildlife and vital habitats in two distinct ways:

  • With sophisticated mass media communications campaigns that inspire millions of people in China, Southeast Asia, across many countries in Africa, and for the first time in the United States to protect wildlife and address climate change.
  • With our exceptional marine enforcement expertise, we inspire and empower local government and nonprofit partners to stop illegal fishing and strengthen marine protected areas (MPAs), coastal fisheries, coral reefs, and blue carbon in 16 countries around the globe.

WildAid’s programs are leading the way, and each had a momentous year:

Wildlife Program

Our wildlife program addressed wildlife threats to elephants, rhinos, pangolins, sharks, lions, sea turtles, and tigers with a comprehensive approach to reducing demand in China and Asia while strengthening protection in multiple African countries, including Cameroon, Kenya, Gabon, Tanzania, and Uganda. We inspire change by leveraging our strong communications campaign expertise and building public and political will in China, Southeast Asia, and Africa to strengthen conservation actions. 

An excerpt from the Impact Report showing a photo of a pangolin with text reading: say no to pangolin meat in Cameroon.

Marine Protection Program

Our marine program has become a global ocean enforcement powerhouse. It has grown exponentially—10X fold in thepast five yearsby creating a scalable model that can be tailored to each coastal location to stop illegal fishing and empower partners to implement comprehensive, cost-effective enforcement solutions. We played an important role in the historic expansion of the Galapagos marine reserve, ushering in effective enforcement for the new mega-MPA connecting the waters of Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia, creating a massive ‘swimway’ for migratory marine species such as whales, sharks, sea turtles, and manta rays to travel safely. These local partners spend up to $100 for every $1 WildAid commits to protecting their priority marine areas. We have forged impressive new partnerships with the Bezos Earth Fund and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and we are a 2023 winner of Prince William’s prestigious Earthshot Prize. 

An excerpt from the Impact Report showing a seal with text that reads: We expanded our enforcement leadership protecting the new mega-mpa in the eastern tropical pacific

Climate Program

Our climate program launched our first nationwide climate campaign, ‘The Environment Excuse,’ in the United States. We have been encouraging low-carbon lifestyles in China for the past ten years, inspiring millions to make individual lifestyle choices that collectively can significantly reduce emissions. We believe shifting individual behavior in China & the U.S.—the two biggest CO2 emitters—is a crucial global climate solution that no other nonprofit is doing. Building on the incredible pro bono media model WildAid has created in China, we initiated a similar media platform in the U.S. Beginning in January 2023, we launched our first climate campaign with more than $25 million in free media placement, reaching cities in all 50 states. 

A graphic showing a series of images from WildAid's Environment Excuse campaign

This Impact Report highlights some of our most notable work for each WildAid program and our overall financial performance from 2022 through June 30, 2023. We are pleased to report that Charity Navigator has awarded WildAid their highest rating—four stars with a 100 percent rating. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our work and go deeper into the remarkable progress, global influence, and unmatched financial leverage your donations are making to help WildAid inspire and empower the world to protect wildlife and vital habitats from critical threats. 

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About WildAid

WildAid is a non-profit organization with a mission to protect wildlife from illegal trade and other imminent threats. While most wildlife conservation groups focus on protecting animals from poaching, WildAid primarily works to reduce global consumption of wildlife products such as elephant ivory, rhino horn and shark fin soup. With an unrivaled portfolio of celebrity ambassadors and a global network of media partners, WildAid leverages more than $308 million in annual pro-bono media support with a simple message: When the Buying Stops, the Killing Can Too. 

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