Be Ivory Free

To Save Africa’s Endangered Elephants

33,000 African elephants are killed per year for their ivory. The elephant populations of West and Central Africa have been devastated, herds have been targeted in East Africa and the crisis is spreading south.

The Ivory Free campaign aims to highlight the horrific impact ivory poaching has on elephant populations in Africa, encourage people not to buy ivory, and help governments further strengthen their enforcement of illegal ivory shipments passing through to other markets. Campaign mass communications include billboard and video public service announcements, along with social media efforts and a web app for individuals to declare themselves “Ivory Free”. Our messaging has been deployed in primary countries of high consumption and demand, such as the US, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. We seek to dispel long standing beliefs about ivory and build public support to end demand for ivory products.


Thais go #IvoryFree with WildAid and USAID

More than 100 Thai celebrities and some of the country’s most influential personalities have joined WildAid and USAID Wildlife Asia’s joint campaign, called “I am #IvoryFree,” to deter the purchase of ivory in Thailand. Due to the global demand for ivory, up to 33,000 elephants per year are killed for their tusks. Many governments around … Continue reading “Thais go #IvoryFree with WildAid and USAID”

WildAid and CHANGE launch Ivory Free Campaign in Vietnam

High level representatives from Vietnamese government agencies and foreign consulates joined WildAid and CHANGE in Ho Chi Minh City to support the global effort to save elephants from poaching and the illegal wildlife trade. WildAid ambassadors Pham Huong, Le Hang, and Trac Thuy Mieu also participated in the campaign launch along with partner organizations and … Continue reading “WildAid and CHANGE launch Ivory Free Campaign in Vietnam”

‘Ivory Free’ Bus Billboards to Continue Reducing Demand in Hong Kong SAR

BY ALEX HOFFORD This month, WildAid rolls out its first ever large scale public awareness campaign in Hong Kong SAR on a fleet of about 80 double decker buses. The faces of Chinese celebrities Yao Ming, Li Bingbing, Lang Lang as well as Thai actor Tony Jaa can currently be seen carrying the ‘Ivory Free’ … Continue reading “‘Ivory Free’ Bus Billboards to Continue Reducing Demand in Hong Kong SAR”

WildAid Launches Ivory Free Campaign

Reduce demand for ivory and put an end to the killing of Africa’s Elephants San Francisco – WildAid is calling on the public to do its part to end the ivory poaching crisis by taking the Ivory Free pledge at The new campaign asks consumers to pledge to never buy, own or accept ivory … Continue reading “WildAid Launches Ivory Free Campaign”

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