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Global Pledge for Wildlife

  • We, the undersigned, pledge to never knowingly purchase or consume products made from endangered species.¬†
  • We call upon world leaders to act immediately to eliminate the illegal trade in wildlife and devote far greater efforts to ensure the protection of wildlife and wilderness areas.
  • As a business owner and member of the gallery, arts, and antiques community, I will do my part to stop illegal wildlife trade and trafficking to ensure a future for people and vulnerable wildlife species.
  • I will never willingly buy or sell any illegal wildlife products, as I know that demand drives poaching and can devastate wildlife populations. I will be a committed advocate in support of bans on the sale or trade of illegal wildlife products across the United States.
  • I will educate my colleagues and customers about the need to stop wildlife crime in our country.
  • I understand that we cannot be the generation that allows elephants and dozens of other species to disappear or be pushed to the edge of extinction.
  • I pledge that I will not buy or sell ivory or any other illegal wildlife product, personally or professionally, and I will support conservation of wildlife species around the world.