Celebrating with Shark Fin Soup is the “Worst Choice”

A new campaign in Bangkok urges people to consider the worse choice on your wedding day: a bad outfit or serving shark fin soup. According to a WildAid survey, 57% of urban Thais have consumed shark fin and 72% of those said they consumed shark fin most often at weddings. WildAid and its media partner, Plan B Media PCL, are pushing for a newly accepted societal standard where sharks are permanently off the menu.
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Wildlife trafficking is a multi-billion dollar criminal industry

Driven by demand in expanding economies, the illegal trade in wildlife products threatens the survival of endangered species. WildAid’s programs persuade consumers to stop buying illicit products like ivory, rhino horn and shark fin soup. We also work with leaders, partners and communities to protect marine reserves, reduce climate change impacts, and increase support for conservation.

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