Left to right: Wildaid Ambassador Lizha James, former Mozambique President Joaquim Chissano, and Wildaid Ambassador Stewart Sukuma.

Mozambique’s National Administration for Conservation Area (ANAC), in partnership with WildAid, launched today a wildlife conservation campaign to raise awareness for the economic benefits that wildlife and nature tourism bring under the slogan, “Poaching Steals From Us All.”

“We are delighted to be working with His Excellency the former President Joaquim Chissano, Stewart Sukuma, Lizha James, and King Sweet,” said Mateus Mutemba, Director-General of ANAC. “Between them, they will spread our message across the nation and our people will truly understand that Poaching Steals From Us All.”

To kick off the campaign, WildAid has filmed several TV advertisements in two key conservation areas – the Maputo Special Reserve and Niassa – focusing on elephants, lions, and pangolins. Expect to see these broadcast nationally on TV and radio, as well as on social media. In partnership with outdoor media giant JCDecaux, new billboards will be created and placed around the country.

Many of the advertisements highlight the importance of regional and international tourism to the recovery of these species.

“Our government recognizes the key role that tourism plays in providing funds for the conservation of wildlife,” said Mutemba. “Mozambique is a beautiful country with much to offer to both local and international tourists. Our goal is to ensure that this country rises to the top of the list of must-visit destinations, and stays there.”

Mozambique’s Minister of Land and Environment Ivete Maibase at a press conference in the nation’s capital, Maputo, announcing the anti-poaching campaign.

Mozambique’s Minister of Land and Environment Ivete Maibase at a press conference in the nation’s capital, Maputo, announcing the anti-poaching campaign.

The idea behind “Poaching Steals From Us All” is that every Mozambican has a stake in preserving the country’s wildlife. In order to conserve it, the support of the people is paramount. The threats faced by wildlife are numerous, and all are in some way connected to human activity.

“International smuggling of these species’ body parts, human-wildlife conflict, and habitat loss have decimated these species across many parts of Africa,” said Peter Knights, CEO of WildAid. “We hope that by entering into this partnership with ANAC, we will be able to reverse the tide and help to ensure that Mozambique has healthy, stable wildlife populations for generations to come.”

WildAid works to increase community support for wildlife conservation in African range countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Gabon, and South Africa. Through our “Poaching  Steals From Us All” campaign, we work with influencers to make conservation a matter of pride and aspiration for everyone in Africa. 

From left to right: Former President Joaquim Chissano, Minister Of Land And Environment Ivet Maibase, and Director General Anac Mateus Mutemba.

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