Join WildAid Ambassador, Djimon Hounsou, on an epic adventure to learn about the many threats pangolins face around the world. Accompanied by our WildAid crew, Djimon investigates wildlife markets, visits a local wildlife vet, meets with a local pangolin conservationist, and learns about the pangolin crisis from a wildlife rehabilitation specialist. Watch the mini documentary series to learn more about the world’s most trafficked wild mammal.

“A Pangolin’s Tale” is a six-part mini-documentary series, produced and directed by WildAid.

Episode 1: The Most Trafficked Wild Mammal in the World

Djimon begins his journey in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa, first venturing on a safari to learn about the wildlife and later joined by biologist Wendy Panaino on a nighttime pangolin tracking expedition.

Episode 2: Operation: Save Pangolins

Djimon arrives in Johannesburg and visits the high-tech veterinary clinic of Nicci Wright, a wildlife rehabilitation specialist. Nicci performs an operation on a young pangolin recently saved from the illegal wildlife trade.

Episode 3: Wildlife Markets 101

Djimon travels to Nigeria where he meets veterinarian and wildlife advocate Mark Ofua. Together they investigate the rising demand for illegal bushmeat sold in urban wildlife markets.

Episode 4: Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release

Djimon and Mark rescue a group of pangolins from a wildlife market outside Lagos, Nigeria. Back at Mark’s clinic, they rehabilitate the pangolins, and then release them at a protected nature reserve.

Episode 5: Meet Juba, the Baby Pangolin

Overnight Mark receives a surprise – an abandoned baby pangolin whose mother was captured by poachers. Djimon visits baby Juba at Mark’s clinic, and it becomes clear that the grave situation of pangolins is more urgent than ever.

Episode 6: (Will Pangolins Live) Happily Ever After? 

Two months after returning from Nigeria, COVID-19 hit the world. Djimon and Mark are reunited virtually to discuss the pandemic, the ongoing threat of wildlife markets, and the future of pangolins.

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