Alexandra Cousteau, president and co-founder of Oceans 2050, will be interviewed during “Restoring Our Oceans in One Generation,” sponsored by the Saint Helena Forum, on March 24.

Originally published by Jesse Duarte on St. Helena Star on March 9, 2021.

One year after postponing its inaugural conference due to the pandemic, the Saint Helena Forum is returning in virtual form.

“Restoring Our Oceans in One Generation” is the topic of a free webinar on 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 24, featuring Alexandra Cousteau, president and co-founder of Oceans 2050 and daughter of famed explorer Jacques Cousteau, in conversation with Meaghan Brosnan, director of the WILDAID Marine Program.

The discussion, chaired by Forum President Doug Barr, will center on mitigating damage to the world’s oceans caused by pollution and overfishing.

Barr said the guests will address innovative solutions, such as Oceans 2050’s effort to promote kelp farming. Like tree forests, kelp forests absorb carbon dioxide and help fight climate change.

“As a great side effect, kelp is incredibly healthy and people all over the world eat it,” Barr said, adding that kelp can also be used to make cosmetics, biodegradable plastics, and animal feed that reduces methane emissions from livestock.

“It’s about helping the planet, feeding the planet, and taking carbon out of the atmosphere,” Barr said.


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