WildAid has partnered with Nigeria’s TVC News channel to launch a new Environmental TV series on wildlife conservation and broader environmental issues, such as climate change and plastic pollution.

The new environmental TV series will air as a 10-minute segment on Green Angle, a 30-minute environmental TV programme that started in 2016 to educate Nigerians about environmental issues on TVC news. The programme airs every Saturday at 4:30 PM (WAT). WildAid partnerships will enhance both the production and distribution of the TV show across Nigeria.

The partnership will focus on the co-production of content that showcases the significant environmental issues affecting Nigeria’s rich biodiversity, such as habitat loss, illegal wildlife trade, plastic pollution, and climate change.

TVC is Nigeria’s first 24-hour news channel based in Lagos, Nigeria. The channel also airs on DSTV Channel 193, StarTimes 270, and British Sky 524 in the UK, reaching a combined audience of about 10 million people daily across its TV, radio, and digital platforms in Nigeria, Africa, and the United Kingdom.

The TV series started airing a promo video and an episode on Nigeria’s last forest elephants this July. For the first season, WildAid and TVC news will produce 13 episodes on topics such as the bushmeat crisis, illegal logging, the effect of plastic pollution and climate change.

For many years, household media organizations in Nigeria have paid limited attention to environmental issues. WildAid’s collaboration with TVC aims to improve the quality of environmental journalism in Nigeria. WildAid strongly believes that educating the general public will result in increased moral responsibility to protect wildlife and biodiversity.

WildAid’s collaboration with TVC will foster the education of the general public about its wildlife and improve the quality of environmental reporting, especially with on-the-ground reports of issues affecting Nigeria’s biodiversity.

“It’s a whole new world; a whole new adventure. I am deeply excited about this and can’t wait to explore the different stories I am going to tell about the environment,” said Esther Omopariola, TVC news broadcast journalist and Green Angle presenter.

“This docu-series will make Nigerians understand how important it is to nurture, preserve and protect this place we call home; after all, there is no other planet,” Omopariola added.

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