Pangolins and the Practitioner Perspective: A Case Study on Traditional Medicine in Vietnam

Vietnam is recognized as a significant player in the trafficking of pangolins, despite the country’s ban on trade and consumption. Much of this growing demand is fueled by the belief that pangolin scales possess healing properties, making them a prime ingredient in Traditional Medicine products. This exploitation is now threatening the survival of all eight pangolin species.

Sea Turtles: An Uncertain Future

The seven species in existence today have been around for over 100 million years. Yet, now, due to a multitude of human-based threats, all sea turtles are at risk of extinction.

Rhino Horn Demand in Vietnam 2017

Knowledge that rhino horn is composed of substances found in hair and fingernails – the main message of WildAid’s wide-reaching Nail Biters campaign – has increased drastically; only 19% knew in 2014, compared to 68% in 2016 (a 258% increase). In China, similar improvements in public awareness were documented in a 2014 WildAid survey.

Sharks in Crisis: Evidence of Positive Behavioral Change in China as New Threats Emerge (2018)

Without sharks, the entire ocean ecosystem can collapse, and humans are sure to witness the consequences, as food sources we depend on disappear. In order to save our oceans, we must urgently address the multitude causes of shark species’ declines.