In our latest PSA with WWF Thailand, Parima ‘Manta’ Sinhaphali, the winner of a popular competitive cooking reality show called  MasterChef Junior Thailand Season 2, tells us why we should no longer serve sharks on any occasion and how everyone can play a role in protecting the ocean, starting from making the choice we make when it comes to food.


“I started diving when I was about 8-9 years old. At that time, I was scared of sharks. I would pray that I didn’t see one. But when I really encountered them, they were not scary. They are beautiful, and we should not be consuming them, because sharks help keep the oceans’ ecosystem in balance. As chefs, we should no longer use shark fin. And there’s no need to serve shark fin at luxurious events or celebratory occasions. If sharks went extinct, it would have an impact on the ocean’s ecosystem and it could affect us humans too,” said Parima ‘Manta’.


Around one-third of all shark species are now at risk of extinction.  If sharks disappear, the ocean’s ecosystem could collapse.


Please say no to all shark products.


The video is part of the joint campaign by WildAid Thailand and WWF-Thailand to raise public awareness on the importance of sharks to the marine ecosystem and to further reduce the consumption demand for sharks in Thailand.

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