Cheetahs are going extinct. There are only around 7,100 cheetahs left in the wild and the population is declining. With climate change and population growth putting increasing pressure on the environment, cheetahs face unprecedented threats to their survival.

Award-winning singer-songwriter and WildAid South Africa Ambassador, Shekhinah, visits Ashia Cheetah Centre outside Paarl in the Western Cape province of South Africa to learn more about the plight of cheetahs in Africa and around the world, and to add her support to help protect Africa’s most threatened big cat.

Watch our WildAid cheetah mini-documentary as Ashia volunteer, Asandile Mxabo takes Shekhinah through the Ashia Cheetah Centre to learn more about the urgency to protect cheetahs:

Ashia Cheetah Centre has played a substantial role in the funding and coordination of cheetah reintroductions in southern African countries to promote the long-term survival of the species in many new regions.

To prevent the further decline of the species, Ashia Cheetah Center is successfully reintroducing carefully chosen cheetahs to game reserves and national parks.

“We really need places like Ashia to help with the rehabilitation and reintroduction of cheetahs,” says Asandile Mxabo, a conservation student and volunteer at Ashia where she works in animal husbandry and camp maintenance.

“The most important thing that I would love to share with everyone is how rare cheetahs are and how few of them are left,” says Shekhinah. “But really the important thing is to try and spread the message of giving cheetahs some space and letting people know that this wonderful animal that we know and love is actually in a lot of danger.”

Here are five easy ways you can get involved right now in the #GiveCheetahsSpace campaign and help us raise vital awareness for the protection of cheetahs:

1) Learn about the plight of our cheetahs and WIN a getaway and cheetah experience

Watch the WildAid cheetah documentary #GiveCheetahsSpace featuring Shekhinah on People’s Weather and on WildAid online channels, answer two questions from the documentary on the People’sWeather website and stand a chance to win an amazing 2 night wildlife getaway for two people to Mount Camdeboo Private Game Reserve, a Newmark Hotel (with a cheetah tracking experience) PLUS 2 cheetah volunteer days at Ashia Cheetah sanctuary, all worth over R14000!

Watch the WildAid Cheetah mini-documentary featuring Shekhinah

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2) Watch our campaign video, Give Cheetahs Space, with Shekhinah and share it to your social media networks using the hashtag #GiveCheetahsSpace

What many people don’t know is that cheetahs are our rarest big cats, with only about 7,000 left in the wild. We need to act fast to #GiveCheetahsSpace and protect them in the wild. Shekhinah joins forces with WildAid and adds her voice to help protect Africa’s most threatened big cat.

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3) Watch the Instagram Live conversation with Shekhinah and Rumbie Takawira

Shekhinah and Rumbie Takawira – broadcaster and WildAid ambassador discuss why it is important that we need to act fast to help save cheetahs.

Watch the Instagram Live conversation here:

4) Take our virtual tour of Ashia Cheetah Center

To prevent the further decline of the species, Ashia Cheetah Center is successfully reintroducing carefully chosen cheetahs to game reserves and national parks in southern Africa. Join WildAid and the team from Ashia Cheetah Center on a virtual tour of the sanctuary to learn more about what makes cheetahs especially vulnerable to human-wildlife conflict.

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