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Tracking illegal fishing? There’s (finally) an app for that.

The maritime officers who patrol the most vulnerable parts of the ocean haven’t always operated with the most advanced technology, often relying on pen and paper.

Plight of the pangolins: What does the future hold for this rare and reclusive animal?

This has become the unofficial year of the pangolin – the shy and reclusive creatures have harnessed global attention after being identified as a possible link in the coronavirus pandemic.

The new focus may end up being a relative blessing for conservationists who for years have urged greater protection for the endangered species.

Restoring a Natural Balance

Sylvie Chantecaille chats with Peter Knights, CEO of WildAid, about their journey swimming with whale sharks in Mexico—and how we can reverse the senseless killing of wild animals.

China raises protection for pangolins by removing scales from medicine list

The connection between so-called “wet markets” and the Covid-19 pandemic is the focus of a major new effort dubbed END THE TRADE. We talk to Peter Knights, CEO of WildAid who warns of the health risks associated with eating wild animals. His organization is part of the campaign to stop commercial wildlife trade.